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Unbeknownst to co-owners Marcus Versace and Andy Wagner, Devil’s Pocket Food & Spirits started in 1987, at a David Lee Roth concert they both attended, but didn’t know who each other were until they met in 2003.

Eleven years later, in October of 2014, the dream of owning a spot together became a reality in the Devil’s Pocket neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

If you’re curious of the name, the guys wanted to breathe a little life back in to the old name of the neighborhood. This tiny area in Philadelphia is said to have earned the name because the Catholic priests would say the kids are so bad, they could steal the watch from the devil’s pocket.


Marcus & Andy liked that.

Today, they’re still here, doing what they do …building relationships, and  maintaining the tavern as a loved staple in South West Center City.