We tried.


We expected and prepared for a 12 round fight.

We were knocked out in the 25th round.

 …sorry, 25th week.


To our loyal regulars, a very humble, Thank You.

You had family dinners, first dates, engagement parties, christenings, first birthdays, happy hours, NYE celebrations, an Eagles Super Bowl win, and so very much more.

You chose us.

In doing so, you helped employ people.  Don’t ever forget that.

We surely won’t.


To our friends who supported us during these trying times of 2020.  

We can’t thank you enough.  You kept us in the fight.  You were our “cut person”. 

You truly kept us going.


What we will take with us are the smiles and sounds.


The smiles we saw and shared in.  The smiles our crew helped create. 

We had a LOT of laughs together.


The sounds are the uproarious moments we heard away from the bar and dining room …while downstairs changing a keg, prepping, cooking, or running food. 

These are OUR moments. 

The moments which make the “biz” so very worth it to us.


To our employees.  You were the nuts, bolts, glue & duct tape. 

The whole thing worked and held together because of you.

Thank you, team.


We hope, someday, to do this again with every one of you.

You were great.  You still are.


See ya.

Until next time.